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Sunday, 24 January 2016

All the products in my cupboard!

Hey peeps!
Today I, Secret Girl, wanted to write a list of all the products in my cupboard, which I know as my beauty cupboard! It's just so you know which products I like to use! If you'd like reviews on any of these, let us know by email or in the comments! By the way, I'm not trying to brag! I hope you enjoy this post:
  • Boots own brand hair-bush x2
  • Tangle teezer x2
  • Hair bows x12
  • Hair knots/wraps x4
  • Scrunchies x3
  • Brushes x36
  • False lashes x3
  • Tattoo art pens x8
  • Black mascara x7
  • Clear mascara x3
  • Brown mascara x2
  • Green mascara (Don't ask why!)
  • Mini trio eyeshadow palettes x3
  • Single eyeshadows x6
  • Gel eyeliner x3
  • Quad eyeshadow palettes x3
  • Medium eyeshadow palettes x4
  • Large eyeshadow palettes x4
  • Pencil eyeliner x7
  • Lip liner x4
  • Liquid eyeliner x1
  • Bronzer x6
  • Blusher x11
  • Highlighter x4
  • Powder x1
  • Concealer x9
  • Foundation x5
  • Lipsticks x about 12 (My lip products are all in a pile- so I can't count them without them all falling out!)
  • The usual- deodorant, nail-polish remover, cotton buds, cotton pads, moisturiser, primers.
  • Dry shampoo
  • Volume spray
  • Body butters/lotions x 11
  • Hair spray
  • Hair serum
  • Special shower gels (boring ones in the shower) x 4
  • New Look's crème caramel
  • Extreme happiness
  • Zoella Blissful Missful
  • So...? Kiss me
  • Hidden love
  • Charlie black
  • Body Shop mountain rose
  • Charlie red
  • Ted Baker (The pink one)
  • Ted Baker (The blue/green one)
  • Charlie pink
  • Scent from above (99p store!)
  • So...? sinful
  • New Look's melon mango
  • So...? Exclusive
  • So...? Boutique
  • One Direction, Our moment
  • Xstasy
  • Passionate forever
I know this is a quite random post, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! I thought it would be like the equivalent to a vanity tour, or whatever, just written down!
Thanks for reading,