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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Best post ever!!!

Hey peeps!
Even thought it's 11:30, we did promise you an amazing post for 500 views- so here you are! Despite not being able to do the Q&A, we can still make an amazing post for you! In between each section of this massive post, we'll tell you the time and how many views we're on!
Before we start, we really want to thank you for 500 views. The feeling when you open the stats to see 503 (to be precise!) views is incredible! We couldn't have done it without you all! Although blogging isn't all about the views, it's rewarding to see the chart pointing upwards, and the stats number increasing. Anyway, on with the fun post...
 First up, we just plaited our hair!
Don't they look cute? Secret Girl did them- and Girl Behind the Screen added the special touch of the bows! Plaits are a super cute school idea. Often, people think they take ages to do, and are super difficult. In reality, they are easy and quick! It took us about 5 minutes to do both! Here's a tutorial on how to do some quick and easy hairstyles for school- dutch braid included! 

It's 17 minutes to midnight, and we're on 516!

During this sleepover, we've been spending ages blogging. One of the posts we've done is a luscious lips post, and here's an image from it! We love blogging together, and we both love make-up! My (Secret Girl) favourite lip gloss is Rimmel's OH MY GLOSS in Rebel Red. My favourite lip balm (Girl Behind the Screen) is baby lips Cherry Me.

It's 11 minutes to midnight, and we're on 528!

Now, we want to talk to you about our favourite quotes! Secret Girl's is: Never Dull your Sparkle. She says: I just think when you can be glittery and happy, why wouldn't you be. Also- glitter is so me! Girl Behind The Screen: Live, Love, Laugh. She says: It's my total motto!

It's 7 minutes to midnight, and we're on 528- still! Come on guys!

We think it would be a great giveaway to share our top 3 tips to get more traffic for your blog! Our first tip, comment below on famous bloggers sites, like Niomi Smart, Zoella and Tanya Burr. Make sure to leave the link to your site! Our second tip, comment below on people who are just slightly more successful than you, and 'offer' (don't ask!) to guest post on their site, as long as they do it in exchange. 3. Use Pinterest, Tumblr, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, everything!!! This will allow people from all the different medias to see your blog. For example, if you had 20 followers on each- you'd then have at least 100 views on your blog!

It's midnight, and we have 529 views- doing better!

Finally, we wanted to share some sneak peaks of our blogs for you...

Girl Behind The Screen:
Hey guys!
OK, relaxation is super important, especially if you are taking important exams at the moment or are feeling permanently stressed. You should always have a time in the day to relax and take things slowly. If you are looking for a few tips on how to feel more relaxed and ready to tackle the next day, you are in the right place! I will describe the best ways to achieve relaxation in this post, along with three tips for breaking down big tasks and making them seem more manageable. Happy reading!
How to feel more relaxed during the week:
1. I like to cross off the days on a calendar as it means I know which day it is (and also how long it is to the weekend!).
2. Try to do assignments/homework early in the evening or during the lunch hour to maximise time you have in the evening to relax or have fun.
3. If you are feeling super stressed, TALK to someone. Ask a teacher for some support or confide in a friend or parent; they will give you advice and a hug, which always makes me feel better.
4. Make a study timetable and stick to it. However, don't have six hours of revision one night and half an hour the next. Balance it so you do three  hours each day, and make sure you always hand in assignments/homework by the deadline to prevent behaviour marks or detention.
5. Drink lots of water whilst studying/ at school to make sure you stay healthy. Also, eat regularly. These will both keep you relaxed and feeling OK.

Click here to see the rest! This will take you to her site, obviously you'll have to scroll to find the right post. Although, you might find an amazing post on your way!

It's 2 minutes past midnight, and we're on 529, still. Assuming it's because we haven't posted in the last two minutes!

Secret Girl's post:
Although it's a little late!

Hey everybody,
Although I’ve cancelled week day blogs because I’m currently too busy with school, I’ve recently been feeling inspired to write about my 2016 goals. It started when I was floating around the world of YouTube, when I noticed 2016 fitness routines, etc… Here are several of my new year’s goals, maybe you could try some out with me! Comment below if they are a success!
1. Skin care
In the last few days, I’ve been treating myself to a few extra products, like a nicer toner and face scrub. I’ve noticed slight changes in my skin, although I’ve only had them a few days! My target is to keep my skin in tip-top condition! In order to achieve this alongside me, you could test out some bargain gift sets, on sale after Christmas! This is a fun and festive way to splurge, without spending too much! One skincare product I love, which my mum uses, is her Nivea day cream 2 in 1 primer. it works really effectively and leaves your skin with a smooth finish. Certainly worth trying out!

Click here to see more of here site. Again, you'll have to scroll down to find it!

Thank you all for reading- we hope this post was as good as you had hoped. With it being super late, it might not be up to our usual standards! Although for the more professional bloggers, this might seem like nothing to you, this is massive for us! It's only been a week! Yay! Make sure to comment below- we still haven't had any yet!

Thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo