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Saturday, 23 January 2016

Blog Beautiful

Hey peeps!
This is our first post EVER on Besties Blogging - we are literally so excited!
We will post about beauty, fashion, happiness, positivity, lifestyle and what's happening in our lives, so enjoy hearing about all that.
Our goal is to get 150 views in one week - do you think we can do it????
We would like to get 2,500 views in the year. Please help us all you can - we would love to collaborate and guest post with you!
Please share this blog with as many people as you like. Text, email, even put our link on social media. If we see this we will instantly add a link to your blog/website in our home page. Thank you!
If this post receives 10 comments, we'll follow all the 10 people who comment's gmail. Also, let us know if you decide to link our blog in the comments, and we'll have a page filled with all the people that do so! We'd love to spread the word about our blog! When you go on secret girl's blog, comment below 'Just read the bestie blog!'. When you go on Behind the screen girl's blog, comment below 'loved the bestie blog!'.
Thanks readers, we really appreciate your help,
Besties blogging xoxo