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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Feel pretty on the inside

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to write to you about feeling pretty on the inside. Pretty much, it covers everything we might blog about (confidence, happiness, smiling)! Feeling pretty on the inside is all about accepting and loving who you are. It requires you to embrace your flaws in a positive way. I think the advice below will help you to love yourself, and feel pretty on the inside.
Once you're comfortable with yourself on the outside (this doesn't mean make-up, fake-tan or the like) loving yourself on the inside becomes so much easier. Look at yourself in the mirror and complement each part of yourself 3 times. For example, I love the colour, length and style of my hair. I like the tone, feel and look of my skin. Often, we're too quick to complain about ourselves, but hardly ever complement ourselves. Make sure to balance out your complements and critics. Instead of criticing, for example, the colour of your eyes, enchance them. Use eye-shadow or something to make them look amazing! I'm not saying make-up is the only solution to 'correct' flaws, but for ladies it can really help!
You should really try not to be negative about yourself! Some parts of your body you just can't change. There's no point in constantly fretting over them, when you could focus on the rest of your amazing body! If they really bother you, think about successful people who are the same as you. For example, if you dislike being tall, think about all the famous sports players who are tall, or models! ]
Next, you need to focus on loving your personality! Try making a list of all your good features. Include specific ones like: good company, bubbly personality, good at cheering people up. Try starting a blog, where you can share positive thoughts. If you comment it below, or email us, we'd be happy to check it out and try to publisise it on our blog.
It's really important that you have a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to feel pretty on the inside. Make sure you're getting enough sleep. Some people can function on 6-8 hours of sleep, others need 8-10. You should eat healthily, and replace things like white bread, sugary cereals or chocolate bars with wholemeal bread, porridge or cereal bars. Then, you'll begin to feel happier and healthier. Exersice is good too.
Try having what I call a 'positive jar'. Print out quotes from Pinterest and Tumblr, and put them all in a cute jar. Whenever you feel down, just pick one out and it will seriously help cheer you up! When picking the quotes, find ones that make you smile. Smiling is so important! The more you smile, the happier you will feel. Smile now. Doesn't it feel good?
I hope you all enjoyed this blog! Was it helpful? Let me know in the comments below- and if you have any questions we're happy to help. For more posts like this, you can see my own blog: .
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