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Sunday, 24 January 2016

*GET MORE FOLLOWERS*- we will follow you!

Hey peeps!
From looking at the stats, we can see that we have 100 viewers in the USA, 3 in Poland, about 20 in Germany and the rest in the UK! It's amazing to see people from other countries reading our blog! We post from England. If you're reading in the USA, shout out to you! Leave a comment below for a personalised shout out, and for us to follow your google account! The first person to leave a comment for any post will get a google follow from Rebecca, the link to your site displayed on our blog, a Pinterest follow from Rebecca, a shout out on our blog and us to view your blog, obviously leaving a comment and thumbs up, if you can! The second person to comment will get a follower, us to view your blog and leave a comment. The third will get a follower, and we'll view your blog/site. The fourth and firth with get a google follower. If you'd like to guest post, we certainly welcome that, and will do one for you in return!
Looking forward to your comments,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo