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Saturday, 23 January 2016


Hey peeps!
I wanted to paste one of my favourite posts from my blog here ( ) so you can get a taster of my individual blog. Rebecca did this with her life hacks post, an here's here blog link if you're interested: . This is actually a rather personal blog, which I am slightly nervous about posting on anything other than my personal blog.
Here you are...
Hey everybody,
Today I wanted to talk to you about being happy.
Never dull your sparkle
Cheesy, huh? By this is mean, your sparkle is happiness- never let anything or anyone take that away from you. There will always be ups and downs in life- ALWAYS. I suffer from: anxiety, worrying (ALOT), fear of sickness and being squeamish. These are all the major things about me I need always find myself fretting about. I get anxiety about getting the bus. My worrying started mostly when I moved schools. It tends to emerge during tests and serious exams. I have a fear of sickness. I miss out on a lot because of this: sleepovers, parties, friends’ houses and school trips. Being squeamish! If Unicorn is reading, she’ll be thinking: ‘typical!’. Just don’t talk to me about tonsillitis! Never dull your sparkle. Remember, nobody is perfect- think about all the good things about yourself! My good qualities are: kindness, hard-working, funniness and sympathetic-ness! I sound like a serious bragger, but it does help to think about these things! (I'm just reading this back before I post this on the besties blog. The above is really personal, and were intended for my personal blog. No upsetting comments please! Also, Unicorn is my old code name for Rebecca, Girl Behind the screens)
I’m the kind of girl who will burst out laughing at something that happened yesterday
That’s totally me! These are the moments we all cherish! Thinks that make you LOL, and potentially things you’re still forever giggling about in a month! Today, I found myself laughing about a hilarious biology moment! Luckily, I only sniggered! Crazy times are the ones that go down in your history. Comment below something that makes you LOL! I’ll pick the best one and mention it in a blog!
Barbie wants to be me
This is how everyone should feel, if you want to, of course! Barbie is chic, trendy, stylish. Once you feel Barbie, you feel on top of the world. Walk like Barbie, with confidence, purpose and swag.
Hoping to cheer you up,
Secret Girl xxx

I hope the bestie readers all enjoyed this post! It's a certain one of my faves!
Hoping you enjoyed,
Secret Girl xxx