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Saturday, 30 January 2016

My Nail Polish Collection (HUGE)

Hey beauties!

Firstly, please don't think we are trying to brag AT ALL in the making of this post - we are simply trying to entertain you, our amazing readers, so please no hate!
We hope you enjoy this list and maybe leave your collection in the comment section below! That would be awesome:) Thank you so much to everyone, we love you! >3
  1. Red, watermelon scented
  2. Red, Emily the strange in Sabbath red
  3. Red, Next, Deep fuchsia
  4. Red, Claire's, Christmas gift set 2014 number 2
  5. Orange, Manhattan in Strange Orange
  6. Orange, orange scented
  7. Orange, luvely gift set
  8. Orange, Claire's in splatter orange
  9. Orange, gift set, pastel coloured
  10. Yellow, Claire's in beach
  11. Green, Claire's in funky
  12. Green/blue, Claire's, Christmas gift set 2014, number 6
  13. Green/blue/metallic, Claire's in dollar
  14. Green, Claire's in epic fail (not a fan of this one!)
  15. Green, Passion (99p store)
  16. Green/pastel, random gift set
  17. Green/blue, magazine
  18. Green/blue magazine (same as above!)
  19. Blue, Claire's blue crackle polish (so old it doesn't have a name!)
  20. Blue/glitter, Jack Wills
  21. Blue/navy, Manhattan in Bento Beauty
  22. Blue, luvely
  23. Blue, random gift set
  24. Blue/neon/pastel, Miss Sporty, no name
  25. Blue/pastel, Emily the Strange miles blue
  26. Blue/glitter, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 2 (again?)
  27. Blue, blueberry scented
  28. Purple/metallic/pink, Natural Collection, ....... haze (the name has faded)
  29. Pink/glitter, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 5
  30. Purple/glitter, Claire's, lightening
  31. Purple, random gift set
  32. Purple, random gift set
  33. Purple, Claire's crackle nail polish (super old)
  34. Purple/pastel, Claire's in electric
  35. Purple/very dark, Natural Collection(name has faded completely)
  36. Purple, Emily the Strange in Neechee
  37. Purple/brown, Claire's in #Metallic Dark Berry (LOVE THIS ONE SOOO MUCH!!!)
  38. Purple/metallic, Calire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 6 or 9
  39. Purple, random gift set
  40. Purple, Rimmel in Ultra Violet (LLLOOOOVVVEEE!!!)
  41. Pink/red, Claires Christmas 2014 gift set number 0
  42. Pink, Manhattan, Tokyo Tangerine
  43. Pink, random gift set
  44. Pink, Jack wills
  45. Pink, no7, pink grapefruit
  46. Pink, random gift set
  47. Pink, Manhattan, no name
  48. Pink, random gift set
  49. Clear, Claire's nourishing treatment
  50. Peach, random gift set
  51. Pink, OPI (name faded)
  52. Purple, grape scented
  53. Pink, Claire's in sugar high
  54. Pink, Emily the Strange, Mystery pink
  55. Pink, the Claire's Christmas set number 10
  56. Pink, natural collection (name faded)
  57. Pink, natural collection, shimmer pink
  58. Claire's caviar décor
  59. Stop 'n' grow- I bite my nails
  60. Pink, strawberry scented
  61. Pink, natural collection, shimmer pink (again)
  62. Marroon, French connection with no name
  63. Marroon, Manhattan, no name
  64. Calire's top coat
  65. Glitter, Claire's in glitter strands silver
  66. Speckles black and white, Claire's in school day
  67. Black, random gift set
  68. White, random gift set
  69. Nude, Rimmel, Caramel cupcake
  70. Black, China Glaze, crackle polish
  71. Black, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 4
  72. Gold, Claire's Christmas 2014 gift set number 5 (again?)
  73. White, luvley
  74. Silver, Claire's crackle polish (no name)
  75. Silver, luvely
  76. Black, lovely
  77. Silver, Calire's Christmas set number 1
  78. Silver glitter, random gift set
  79. Gold glitter, random gift set
  80. Beige/ almost clear, natural collection in manicure
  81. Gold/rustic, lovely
  82. Gold/rustic, Manhattan in Tofu Tales
  83. Matte top coat, 2 true (Superdrug old make-up brand- not sure if they sell it any more!)
  84. Pearly pink, random gift set
  85. Balck, Claire's Christmas set number 10 (again?)
  86. Clear, random gift set
  87. White, Barry M nail art pen
  88. Black, Barry M nail art pen
  89. Silver nail art pen and rhinestones
  90. Blue shiny nail art pen and rhinestones
  91. Aqua nail art pen with pink glitter, magazine
  92. Blue nail art pen from JOYME (some random brand)
  93. Green glitter pot
  94. Dark blue glitter pot
  95. Light blue glitter pot
  96. Red glitter pot
  97. White glitter pot
  98. Orange glitter pot
  99. Pink glitter pot
  100. Nail rhinestone set little gems
  101. Nail décor set little bows
  102. 7 nail files
  103. 2 buffers
  104. The body shop hand and nail cream, almond
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Secret Girl xxx