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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

School trip must-haves!

Hey peeps!
Tomorrow, I have a trip to Bletchley Park, for maths. I have to say, I'm not really looking forward to it1 I wanted to share with you my must-haves for a school trip- including everything you could possibly need!
1. A smaller bag than usual
You don't want to be lugging your usual school bag around with you, because with all the walking (assuming you'll be walking around!) you'll tire of carrying it. I went for this leather rucksack. It's a lot nicer in reality than the picture!
2. A snack & lunch
I'm paying for a school lunch because it literally saves so much time, but I always have a snack just in case! I've packed blueberries, dried cherries/berries and a kellogs bar.
3. A hair brush and lip balm
Being outside in the wind will RUIN your perfect hair, so it's certainly worth bringing a hair brush. A lip balm is a must-have for anything. I don't leave the house without one!
4. Mints and sweets
You never know when someone is going to feel sick on the coach and need a mint to settle their stomach. This is often me! Also, sweets make any journey fun!
5. Some cash!
I like to bring money in case where we visit as a shop, and if you're visited any where like London it's good to have in case you get lost or something- preparing for the worst!
6. A drink
It's kind of obvious, but a drink is a great idea! If you're going on a walking trip, certainly bring an energy drink- you don't want to get dehydrated!
7. Your phone
This can go either way. Some people might say don't because you might loose it, but for safety reasons it's worth it!
8. Some stuff to write with
Self explanatory!

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed! There are so many times where I've needed the laugh/cry emoji at points in this blog! I hope you enjoyed!
1 Bestie Blogging xoxo
Secret girl xxx