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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Soap and Glory wheel deal review

Hey peeps!
Secret Girl here! See my blog here! I wanted to paste a post I did reviewing the Soap and Glory wheel deal, because it's one of my favourites! For more posts like the one below, make sure to check out my blog!
Here you are...
Hey everybody,
On my usual bargain hunt, I managed to find the ‘Soap & Glory wheel deal’ reduced to £8! In my excitement, I purchased the item and rushed it home! It’s been a week since purchase, and I’ve ‘played’ with the product A LOT since! I wanted to give you a quick review! Also, a quick heads up, I’m not planning to upload tomorrow because I’ll be super busy with parties, shopping and pantomime!
The main product is full size- the ‘Flake away’ scrub. It has a bittersweet scent, although it’s rather subtle. It smells feminine and dainty- so cute! In the smell I can detect pineapple, banana and something floral. I’d describe the scent as floral, fruity and sweet. As for the effect of the product, it exfoliated well, leaving your skin baby-soft. The scent gives you a gentle aroma of the floral scent, after using, and you feel fresh and uplifted. I first tried this product on my feet, followed with fluffy socks- worked really well. The scrub segment-sized chips are sugar, I think, and are rather vigorous. The only down-side to this product is that the scrub isn’t too effective because it’s mostly liquid- sloppy not thick. Although the wheel deal isn’t available until next Christmas, I think, this product is available to buy as a singular. I’d certainly recommend it!
One of the products that isn’t may favourite from this set is the ‘smoothie star body buttercream’. It isn’t a bad product, I just think the smell is too harsh and strong. It smells of marzipan, almond and cherry- like Mr Kipling cakes! The product is a light moisturising product, and I love how it glides on your skin smoothly, filling your pores to even your skin and cooling. I think this product is great for regular use, as a pose to thicker products that might be preferred to use only weekly. Despite the mighty smell, the product does an amazing job for your skin- it’s certainly worth buying if you like cup-cake-like scents.
Another product in the set is the ‘sugar crush’ body buttercream. It’s a love or hate product- I’m on the love! The smell is tangy, citrus and heavily lime-scented. It does smell a bit like a cleaning product a little! It’s great to apply in the evening, so in the morning the smell has slightly died down. I wouldn’t apply this product right before going out, but in the evenings because it’s so strong! The consistency is similar to the ‘smoothie star’, but glides on in a smoother way. It blends in quicker, but you need a good dollop to get a non-oily section! Sometimes, if you just dip your finger on top, it comes off with a layer of oily product! I still really like this product, I think the scent combines really well with the scrub.
The next product to talk about is the ‘orangeasm’ super rich body butter. Interesting name! It isn’t my favourite scent of all the products, although I do like the smell, but the consistency is my favourite! It’s almost like crème fraiche, thick, buttery and, like the previous one, requires a good dollop to work! The smell is citrus, orange-scented and zesty. It’s also slightly on the savoury side. This product leaves your skin with the perfect amount of moisture- so desirable! I just love the thickness of this product! I would probably recommend you purchase it in full size- it’s the style of product which will get used up quickly!
‘Butter yourself’ smells amazing! It’s a super rich body cream! I just love the smell of this! I see if regularly in boots, and can tell it is one of their most popular products. It’s basically the same as the above, but better because of the smell! I smells of orange, with a sweet floral undertone.
The ‘righteous butter’ is my favourite product! It’s simply a body moisturiser, but is o the thick side! It smells sweet and girly. It basically smells like your typical lush scent! I really LOVE this product! It’s very similar to the two above! As you can tell, I love the rich products- the three above are my favourite!
Recommending you purchase this set,
Secret Girl xx
PS This post isn’t sponsored!

Hope you enjoyed,
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