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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Study tips!

Hey peeps!
At my school, all the sixth form have just completed their mid-year exams, and I have my exams at the end of this week! I wanted to share some random but helpful study tips you can try out! Enjoy!
  1. Chew the same gum you chew when you revise during the test. This is kind of random, but when you chew the same flavour (not same piece!) it can jog your memory. This means you can remember facts easier- for those short answer questions! I know some schools are strict about gum in school, but if your school isn't, this one is so worth trying!
  2. Study daily for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Instead of doing 10 hours of revision  all at once, do small bursts of revision. Otherwise, your brain will get packed with loads of information, and won't be able to remember it all! Revising isn't packing your brain with too much information, it's going over what you've already learned! Make your first revision session or two focused on learning, and going over the things you've forgotten. Then, you can work on memorising them.
  3. Make power points with lots of information and pictures. This will help you if you have photographic memory, and watching things over and over is effective for remembering. An alternative is to use the app explain everything, and make videos with information, recordings and information.
  4. Put languages to songs. When I first started Spanish, I had to learn all the numbers 1-100 in one night, because most people in my class knew them already! I managed to put them to 'Dear Future Husband' and it helped me to remember them all, like the alphabet song!
  5. Reward yourself with candy for reading. At the end of each page or paragraph, put a gummy bear or skittle, to encourage you to finish the reading. Then, you'll read quicker. Reading out loud is also more effective than silently in your head.
  6. Try turning things into stories! Make up short stories to help you remember scientific reactions or history. For example: Once upon a time, there was a cottage in the middle of the woods, with three bears. They each had their breakfast in a bowl, but went out for a walk before eating it. Little bear had Hydrochloric acid, Mummy Bear had Sodium sulphate and Daddy Bear had Nitrogen. Goldilocks found them, but didn't like any of them. She mixed them all together. There was fizzing, temperature change and the colour changed. 
I hope you found some of these tips helpful! Make sure to try them out on a mock exam, to see if they work for the real ones! The most effective one, I think, is number 4!
Thanks for reading,
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