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Sunday, 24 January 2016

*TOP TIPS* Blog advice

Hey peeps!
We thought it would be really useful advice to give you if we told you how to get more traffic for your blog. The link takes you to Behind the screen girl's blog and the post she did on this topic. Here's our advice...
1. Upload posts that will draw attention! Most importantly, give them amazing titles! Rebecca did a post titled *FREE GIVEAWAY* even-though it wasn't exactly a giveaway, it was advice. This caught loads of attention from our readers, and it's our second most viewed post! Use topics that lots of people can relate to, like boys, school or baking.
2. Write amazing guest posts on popular sites. We're open to guest posts. For more info click here. Make sure to upload an amazing post, which is one of the best you can write. ALWAYS leave the link to your site!
3. Use social media to advertise your blog. Pinterest and Facebook are the ones this blog uses. Secret Girl wants to remain anonymous, so she doesn't have social media accounts. Facebook in particular brings in plenty of views, so it's super important.
We hope this quick burst of advice was helpful. To get more traffic, comment your blog below! We'll certainly check out your blog!
Hoping you enjoyed the post and found it helpful,
2 Besties Blogging xoxo