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Friday, 29 January 2016

Trypical things I do!

Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to write a funny post, because it's Friday! By the end of this post, chances are I'll be in serious pain from laughter! Obviously, and this goes without saying, I hope you enjoy...
  1. To tell my mum I'm going to grab some sunscreen in Superdrug, and come out 1 hour later with the latest collection on make-up, perfumes and hair stuff!
  2. Honestly, to loose everything. The other day, I lost one of my many other lost and/or found coats. I also lost my blazer, water bottle and DT homework.
  3. To cover EVERYTHING in washi-tape. My calculator, my iPad case, my pencil case, my water bottle...
  4. To tell my friends you've got that group project covered, and turn up with either a control-freak attitude, and binders full of plans, or just a scrap of paper.
  5. To try too hard for school on the first day- hair on fleek, nails in tip-top condition, outfit picked out weeks ago, perfume is the latest DKNY scent... Three days later: messy bun (not the cute kind), nails bitten, outfit wasn't ever properly picked out, deodorant as perfume... Yes, taht's literally my life. The start of term: 'I'm going to use this planner, and keep all of my files in this folder, and have this pocket only for books, and have this pocket only for stationery, and pick my outfit out before I go to sleep. One week later: What was it I said a week ago?
  6. My new year's resolution was to always do my homework the night I get it. I have sooo much homework right now, mostly from ages ago! But don't worry- I make sure to hand it in on time!
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
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