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Sunday, 24 January 2016

What is fashion?

Hey peeps!
I've noticed on our blog we write a lot about fashion, make-up and hair, although we haven't done too much yet! I thought we needed a 'disclaimer', to explain that fashion isn't a definite thing, and that fashion can mean different things to different people. On my blog, ( ) I made a post to introduce my fashion page-  I really wanted to share it here! Behind the screens girl also has plenty of posts like this! On the side of our posts, you can click on secret girl or girl behind the screens to be taken directly to our sites.
Here's the post...
Hey everybody,
This is my first post about fashion- and I wanted to start it off with the question: What is fashion? I’m not saying fashion is a thing. You can’t pick up your favourite T-Shirt and call it fashion, nor can anyone! Besides, some-one might despise that T-Shirt, therefore it isn’t fashion in their eyes. Fashion is something you can decide for yourself. What is fashion? For me, fashion is cute skater skirts, paired with a smart cami and statement necklace, and converse trainers to make the look more casual. I love: fluffy sweaters, skater-skirts, onsies, kimonos and much more! Comment below what you love! For you, fashion could be something completely different. It could be sport bras and trackie bottoms! You could adore emoji leggings paired with striped T-Shirts! You might love clashing vibrant shades like a jungle, or sticking to dark, subtle shades like emerald and sapphire. Make sure what you wear- you love! Who cares what ‘Fashion Goddess’ Susie thinks. Or, what does it matter that ‘Queen fashion’ Ellie doesn’t like what you’re wearing? Why should they get a say in your life? If you’re best friend critics your outfits, talk to him/her. Tell them you’re upset with what they’re saying. If they choose to gang up with Susie and Ellie, don’t change your style for them! Don’t worry, they’ll come to their senses! The most important thing is that you’re happy with what you wear!
Hoping this helped,
Secret Girl xxx

I hope you Besties Blog readers enjoyed a taster of my blog. Click on the link in the introduction to see more posts like this! Girl behind the screens has plenty too, so click on the link on the contact page to see her blog! It's really good!
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Secret Girl xxx