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Saturday, 6 February 2016

50 facts about moi!

Hey peeps!
Athough I upload so regularly, you still aren't very familiar with my personality! Here, I've listed 50 (Yes, 50!!!) facts all about me likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality and more!

  1. My birthday's on the 18th May
  2. My favourite films are Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2
  3. At the moment, my favourite songs are stitches, replay and me myself and I
  4. I LOVE cookie dough!
  5. I have an addiction to Kettle chips sweet chilli and sour cream crisps- they're amazing!
  6. My favourite shops are River Island, New Look and H&M
  7. I love smelling Christmas candles soooo much
  8. My family is massive!
  9. My favourite name is Emily or Ffion
  10. My favourite book is Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise Pentland
  11. I have a serious obsession with Dance moms
  12. I love youtube!
  13. My favourite YouTubers are: Jim, Tanya, Zoe, Joe, Rclbeauty101, Bethany Mota and Louise
  14. I live in my onesie
  15. I love One Direction, Ariana Grande, Pentatonix and Taylor Swift
  16. I wanted 4th Impact to win xFactor this year!
  17. My favourite make-up brands are Rimmel and Collection
  18. This blog is one of my favourite things in the world!
  19. Rebecca and I are thinking about writing a book, but we want to wait for about 5000 views first!
  20. I'm watching the film Starstruck right now
  21. I sleep in until about 10 o'clock each weekend
  22. The EOS lip balm in sweet mint is the best thing ever!!!
  23. My favourite emoji is either the nerd one, the unicorn, the smiling devil, the sparkly heart or the laugh/cry face!
  24. I love teen chic flick style movies, like mean girls
  25. I have a Wikihow account (like Wikipedia) which I was obsessed with over Christmas
  26. Nutella = my life
  27. Mu current favourite perfume is my Zoella Blissful Missful
  28. My current favourite shower gel is my Zoella Foam Sweet Foam
  29. My current favourite shampoo is my Molton Brown one, with the matching conditioner
  30. I love fluffy socks!
  31. 3 hours ago I was in town, checking out the new Poundland in my town
  32. I have glasses
  33. The best moisturiser ever is Simple's replenishing rich moisturiser, in my opinion
  34. My best friend is Girl Behind the Screen
  35. I've never had any fillings- but my teeth are gross I need braces!!!
  36. I have when people run their nails against paper, it makes me feel sooo sick!
  37. In two weeks, my sister is having a pyjama party in the middle of Bedford
  38. Today, we were meant to allow someone to guest post on our site, but no body emailed us!!!
  39. I've never read any Harry Potter books!
  40. One of my favourite meals is basil, mozerella and tomato salad- LOVE IT!!!
  41. I like olives, a lot
  42. Sprinkle of glitter/chatter has my favourite daily vlogs in the world becase Baby Glitter (Darcey) is in loads of them
  43. I love the quotea: live, love, laugh
  44. I've been to Disney Land Paris once
  45. I love Frozen
  46. I go through these word-phases. I have a specific word like 'litereally' or 'seriously' and say them all the time.
  47. Right now the word I keep saying is 'genuinely'- I don't know why!
  48. My favourite colour is pink
  49. Christmas is the best time of the year- EVER!!!!
  50. I'm really glad you read all the way down!
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Secret Girl xxx