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Sunday, 7 February 2016

DIY tumblr room decor- inexpensive and fun!

Hey peeps!
Pretty much all day I've been busy spicing up my room. I'm so pleased with the result that I wanted to share it with you! Some of these are things in which you can purchase, and others you can use things you will already have to create. All the things I've used I already had at home!
Stationary city!
I'm not sure why, but this DIY reminds my of a city. The larger jars replicate skyscrapers, and the smaller object represent cars and houses. To make my 'stationery city', I took one of those things that organises binders and papers, sprayed it pink and put it on its' side. This allowed a slot to put things in like tape and post its. Then, on top, I put numerous jars holding my stationery. On it, as well as stationery, I stored my go-to lip balms, post-its and paper clips.
DIY cactus night light
To create this, you'll need: small pebbles/gems, plain simple fairy lights (completely boring and plain- not fancy ones), a vase and a cactus (or for a larger vase, multiple cacti). Bundle the fairy lights into the vase, making sure they cover as much of the outside area of the jar as possible. Fill in all of the gaps by pouring the pebbles/gems in. Burry a cactus or your cacti into the top. Turn on the lights!
Memory train
The DIY which I like to call a 'memory train' consists of a line of photos, all tied together with twine. You can use polaroid snaps, regular photos or photos printed from your Instagram, if you have one. I used twine for a more retro vibe, but you might prefer shiny ribbon, or clear thread!
Cosy nook
This is a great place for you to chill! Grab bean bags, cushions, blankets, stuffed toys and anything else cosy, layering them all to make a pile of cosiness! To the side, use a crate (the cute kind), paint it to match the colours of your room and fill it with fluffy socks, magazines, DVDs and books! This is an ideal place to chill when it's cold, you're ill or just want some down-time; enjoy!
Mache quote
In Hobby Craft, they sell these letters at about £1-£5 (depending on the size). Buy a few to spell XOXO (that's what I did), love, laugh, BFF- whatever you'd like! Cover them in tissue paper, using a similar concept to paper mache. Decorate with glitter glue and sequins!
I hope you liked these DIYs. I've tried them all myself and love them so much! If you try them out, comment below and leave us some pictures. If you customize them in a different way to how I explained them, let us know- maybe we could turn it into a guest post for you!
Thanks for reading,
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