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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Eye make-up for glasses wearers!

Hey gorgeous girls!
As I constantly wear my glasses, make-up can be a difficulty. Needing to take off my glasses and do my make-up with half my usual site, false lashes flapping on the lenses, mascara coming off onto the lenses leaving black splodges. Let's face it, glasses are often a pain. Some people rock glasses, and look great in them. Personally, I don't mind wearing glasses, and can't wear contacts. Whether I like it or not, I'm stuck with them- that's it. I don't really mind. The thing is, some people wear the completely wrong make-up for their glasses type, and some look great, some don't. I want to share what I think, in my opinion, is the perfect eye make-up look for those with glasses. I'll be including mascara, but if you don't like wearing glasses and mascara don't worry. Mascara just helps to pull the look together. I hope you find this helpful; enjoy!

If your glasses make your eyes look...
Mascara is our best friend! Your eyes are going to look fuller, more dramatic and have that perfect Hollywood look. You can really experiment with different looks, but focus on nudes (bright colours could look crazy enlarged!) and contouring your eyes to make them look either rounder for a cute look, or winged for a dramatic look. Concealer might be a serious must-have for you, because we don't want to enlarge those under eye circles!

You can easily get away with bold and bright colours! The aim for your eye make-up is to bring more attention to your eyes. Mascara, eye-liner and bright colours are perfect for you! Maybe this pallette would be perfect for you if you're willing to go super bold! The baby pink (don't worry- not the bright one!) could be your base, then a bit of the purple mixed with the pink and any brown that you won in the crease.

The same size
You're lucky! You can basically experiment with anything- I'd make sure to keep things in proportion, and never forget mascara! I think you could experiment with contour of your eyes, and use the eye-liners you have to complement it. Bright colours could look too bold, and took much eye-liner could look too bold. I think nudes are perfect for you, but you could go a little bolder than those whose glasses enlarge their eyes. You need to find a compromise. I apply to this section (my glasses don't change the size of my eyes), and I like to do the classic nude look, but maybe mixing in metallic shades, gold, plum, burgundy and either dramatic matte looks or eye-catching metallic looks.

I hope you find this useful! It was so fun to write- I think it's one of those posts that you read and then find yourself recommending the tips to your friends, using them and reading over and over!
Secret Girl xxx
PS sorry neither of us have uploaded in a while- it's been the back-to-school week and I've had lots of tests. I was bust today and Girl Behind the Screen had a sleepover last night!