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Friday, 5 February 2016

Girly Night In

Hey peeps!
Today's post is about girly nights in and how to achieve an amazing one. Happy reading!
OK, here are five things I will always do BEFORE my girly night in:
1. Put my phone away and shut it down.
2. Have a light dinner and a drink of water.
3. Pack bag for the next day if necessary
4. Finish doing any homework or assignments.
5. Organise everything I will need.
Once I have done all this I feel slightly better and ready to really attack a fun, cosy girly night in. Having organised your bag and homework you instantly feel relaxed and ready, and keeping my phone away means I have no beeping distractions.
Now, everyone knows in order to have a successful girly night in, you need to have a nice, deep bath. Yesterday I had the most amazing bath - it was steamy and deep and I used a Lush bath bomb which made the whole room smell gorgeous. It was so refreshing just lying back and shutting my brain down for a bit!
If you are like me and LOVE baths with a capital L (or, you know, capital everything) then I recommend lighting a few candles nearby to set the scene. I used a jasmine and vanilla candle for Next and two tealights in beautiful new tealight holders in the shape of birds.
You also need a bath bomb; don't laugh, it is an absolute necessity. I like Lush bath bombs because they are pretty reasonably priced and smell heavenly (I buy the Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb and the red Bath Bomb most as they are my all-time favourites). You could also have bath salts or bath oil if you like smelling nice, but I prefer bath bombs as they make the bath look and smell great.
Then you need a snack. Good girly snacks are chocolate brownies, muffins, yogurt and granola or a fruit salad but if you don't have time you could have a pancake or some fresh fruit or chocolate. Then run your bath, add the bath accessories and jump in!
After your bath you need to watch a film under a blanket with a hot chocolate and whipped cream. I recommend Pitch Perfect 1 and 2 as they are timeless and a great chick flick to lift you from whatever mood you are in. Mean Girls and Frozen are also perfect.
Now for a proper snack - Doritos and an assortment of dips are a light and fun snack to make and eat in front of a cute film, and they taste amazing. You NEED a hot chocolate with floating marshmallows and a mountain of whipped cream - that is the best film drink you could imagine. If you are looking for something a bit healthier, you could go for a squash mocktail or a cup of sweet coffee.
After your film if I have time I would probably do a manicure and a pedicure, and perhaps a quick facial massage. I recommend simply clipping and filing your nails, applying a basecoat and a nail polish colour, and then a topcoat to seal. For my face I would make sure any makeup I was wearing had been removed and would then moisturise and cleanse my face and then use my fourth finger (because it has the least pressure) to massage my skin. I'd then wash it all off and sponge my face with freezing water. All this makes it feel like a real spa night/girly night in and finishes it off with a relaxing touch.
Thank you for reading!
I would really love it if you could share this blog and this post with anyone you think might enjoy it - that would be amazing!
Thank you again.
1 Bestie Blogging,
Girl Behind The Screen xoxo