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Friday, 19 February 2016

Half term with Secret Girl Thursday/Friday

Hey peeps!
I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday; I was so busy! I'll ensure to make it up for you with this double post! Also, it will have a mini haul from my shopping trip yesterday! Enjoy!
I paired black leggings with a square, loose top, which is plain white, with blue navy tassels across the hemline.
I really felt like wearing make-up, so I went for: foundation, concealer, blush, a tiny bit of bronzer, mascara and this lovely eye-shadow simply all over my lids by No7, the middle shade from the Cappuccino trio. It's an ash-brown shade with a gold undertone- LOVE IT!!!
I left my hair mostly down, with a French plait across my forehead.
The haul is super-mini because we spent most of our shopping time in Nandos- yum! (I got a chicken burger, chips, corn on the cob and strawberry cordial for my drink- I also couldn't resist a cinnamon and sugar pretzel later on!) I purchased the lush bath bomb, intergalactic, 3 bracelets (one pink, one yellow and one blue) and my sisters birthday present, which remains a secret until after her birthday!

I'm wearing a black skater skirt, Aztec neon crop top, black tights and a converse jacket.
Bare face today!
I've straightened it, but left it down. I recently had my hair cut so it's in tip-top condition! However, last night I washed it for the first time after having it cut (I know- ewwww- 3 days!) and it always looks hideous. It took my about half an hour to fully tame it and straighten it, baring in mind my hair is just below shoulder length!
Today's activity:
Shopping (again) but with a different friend, but we'll mostly spend our time in MK having a nice meal!

Thanks for reading the last of my half-term series,
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Secret Girl xxx