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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

How to have the perfect Tumblr room with DIYs!

Hey peeps!
I've recently redecorated my room, and I must say it looks pretty amazing! I wanted to share with you: A few of my bedroom tips, how to spice up your room with some DIYs and where to get other inspiration from. Your room is somewhere where you spend a lot of time, so its important you have a least some relaxing areas (I have a cushion-corner!) and stick mostly with a theme so it doesn't look like a jumble sale! My room is mostly duck egg blue and cream, with pastel colours mixed in. The tips Im sharing with you can be customized to match any room- mostly depending on the colour scheme.
As I said, I recently redecorated my room. There were several things I needed to consider carefully. These things include: How light the colours are, how big my room is, the vibe/theme I want and what was realistic (by this I mean a swimming pool, compared to a bean bag!). Its important that you think about how big your room will look. Darker colours like burgundy, maroon, emerald and black will make your room dark and look smaller. When you pick the colour for your room, Id suggest pastel pinks, blues, creams, greens, yellows, reds. Still mix in some of your personality! To give your room some class, wallpapers work well. Mine is simple- white with pearly vertical stripes. Once you've got the main part done, think about bedding. Mines a sort of Cath Kidston style. A turquoise with pink and green floral print!
Once you've got the most important parts done (which are those listed above) you can start work on the fun bit. DIYs!!! They're a great way to spice up your room, usually for inexpensive prices. There are lots you can try out.
1. Bunting.
Cut lots of triangles (all equal sized!) and attach them to twine for a rustic look, or ribbon for a chic look. Pick about 3 prints that you like, and print them out the size you'd like your triangles to be, for your bunting. I think a range of Cath Kidston prints would look cute. Polka dots, chevron and striped would look cute too!
2. Twilight jars!
Grab 2-3 jars, preferably the same size and shape. Cut some paper that will fit so it can exactly wrap around the jar. Cut out star shapes in the paper. When you put in a candle, LED ones work, it lights up the stars! Also, wrap some twine around the top of the jar for a super cute rustic vibe.
3. A quote jar.
This one is so simple, and well known,but so great! Decorate a jar so it looks super Tumblr and adorable! Print out some of your favourite quotes and use them to fill the jar.
Hey presto!!
I'm sure once you've done all these DIYs listed above, you'll be desperate for more! There are some really great ways to research DIYs, or ideas you could make yourself, and adapt them to match your room. I like reading magazines mostly, often in the bath. Perhaps you could read them over breakfast, for a nice start to your day! Another idea I'd suggest is checking out blogs or YouTube channels. Bethany Mota has some great inspiration ideas on her channel! Finally, steal ideas from your friends! They shouldn't mind- there isn't really anything wrong with it!
This post was really relaxing and fun to write! I hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks for reading,
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