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Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Hey peeps!
Today I wanted to talk to you all about motivation. Motivation is getting up when you fall, trying again when you don't succeed. Me and Rebecca use this all the time. Rebecca is an amazing gymnast (she can do round of flicks!!!) and it takes so much motivation for her to get out of bed and train. She does two hours of gym a week, which requires motivation to give up her Saturday afternoon, and spend it training! At cheerleading, I've had to work extra hard, even when I thought I couldn't do extended prep, I still managed. Also, when we blog. We need motivation to post. Often, we really want to post. We wake up and have great post ideas! Other days, we can't be bothered. Despite the urge to just stop, together we've managed to post daily since we started this blog! We're also only 50 views of 1000!!!

Recently, I've been working really hard on my dance/gymnastics fitness. This week (which has only been 3 days!) I've tried to do 30 minutes of dance a day. On Monday, I did. On Tuesday, I did 1 hour and 30 minutes because I had a class during the day too! Today, I did 30 minutes. I'm never going to think: "I really feel like doing some push-ups right now". So  far, I've been managing to persuade myself to do some! This is motivation.

Motivation doesn't come easily, but it pays off. You really need to push yourself and want something very much in order to be motivated. Once you do, often you're rewarded! If it's going to the gym you're avoiding, those perfect legs afterwards are a great 'prize'. If it's studying for a test, your 'prize' is a potential fabulous grade!

You can't do amazing things without motivation. Darcey Bussel, for example, wasn't just born with 20 pirouettes. Jamie Oliver couldn't even use an oven when he was born. So... How did they make it? They used their motivation as fuel to power them through, coming out on top.

I hope the meaning of this post has got you thinking. Do you agree? Make sure to let me know in the comments!
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Secret Girl xxx
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