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Sunday, 14 February 2016

What's on my desk

Hey peeps!
Your desk is really important to you, and if you have one I'm sure you'll understand. It's where you study, chill, blog and DIY! I keep specific things on my desk, and am always prepared for certain things, by having essentials like tape, scissors and at least 1 pen! This post will basically be a truthful list of everything that's on my desk; I think it's pretty organised!
  1. Post-it's, in squares
  2. Post-it's in heart shapes
  3. My iPod touch
  4. My iPod touch charger, neatly wound up
  5. Tape
  6. Arrow post-its for revising
  7. A few hair-clips and bobby pins
  8. Notice board pins
  9. Paper clips
  10. A few rubbers
  11. Some sharpeners
  12. Sometimes I have emergency gum or chocolate!
  13. 5 lip balms (a different one depending on how my lips are!): eos sweet mint (for super dry lips or priming my lips before my make-up), Nivea soft rose (for chapped lips), Nivea fruity shine watermelon (for sores in the corners of my lips), W7 lip bomb (for normal lips that just need some moisture or scent or priming!) and Claire's disco ball (for a glossy look!).
  14. Highlighters and gel pens for studying and presentation work
  15. A few colouring pencils
  16. Writing pens in black, blue, red and green
  17. 4rolls of washi tape: pink with dark pink hearts, white with black moustaches, pink glittery flowers and black with white polka dots.
That's it! Have you got any suggestions for what I should have out on my desk? How many of these do you agree are TOTAL essentials? If reading, comment below 'cupcake!'. The prize for the first comment is us to view their blog and leave the link at the end of our next blog.
2 Besties Blogging xoxo
Secret Girl xxx
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